Thursday, June 18, 2009

Travel Question

For those of you with children with special health care needs out there, I was wondering what, if anything, you do special when you fly with your child. We will be flying from NY to CA (about 6 hours + about 2.5 hrs in the car getting to and from the airports) the first week of July. I am VERY nervous about traveling with Ms. Chloe as I'm not sure how to manage all her equipment and what exactly we should bring (I'll discuss that with her doc too). She has her feeding pump and g-tube supplies, her meds, her cpap machine and suction machine. We'll buy diapers and formula there to cut down on that stuff. Any suggestions? As nervous as I am I am THRILLED to be getting a little respite! This was a 40th birthday present from my mom. My mom and step-dad are joining me, Stacey and the three kids and we'll be staying with my sister, her husband and my niece Macy. They live in SF area so we're really looking forward to a nice little vacation. I don't think any of my blog friends are in the SF area, right? I'd love to meet some of you!!!! :)



  1. I am sorry that I can't be of any help in the airplane travel as number one, we haven't flown with Ella yet and number two, so far, Ella has been blessed by not needing any equipment. As I was reading your post, I saw that you were coming to CA and kept reading and was really hoping you would say southern CA....but my hopes were dashed when you said SF!! We have been talking about visiting there as I think my older two kids would love it but I don't know when. What are the dates you will be there? It would be awesome to meet Chloe and your family. Also, in response to your last comment on my post....CA is having major financial problems right now and I think that is affecting ALL services including Early Intervention and yes it is frustrating but I think Ella will start eating once I put my mind to consistently doing it.

  2. I remember Lacey posting something with a fishing tackle box??? I would send her an email & then when you have a chance...check out They always have great resources there. ALSO, on my blog (sorry forgot the exact name) there's a new blog that I'm reading...peddling backwards all about GTUBES & stuff..CHECK IT OUT!
    Have Fun Amy, You def deserve it..TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUU

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  4. We are six hours away from SF ... too bad!!As for traveling,wish we had traveled with Miss Z,would have been something exciting like Hawaii!!Jax's mom cam here with him a while ago .. she could help.She knows everything!!Have a great trip.I know you'll do just fine.thank you once again for all your support in pray and comments and care.Appreciated more than you could ever know.