Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Healthy Girl

Boy, now that Chloe is healthy again, I am once again realizing the impact that having a cold has on her!!!! When she is healthy she just gets so strong and seems to develop in leaps and bounds, or at least as compared to the weeks when she's not feeling well. Since feeling better she has started sitting up for LONG periods nice and tall and can even reach for things and play with things. While on her belly she is getting stronger and stronger and can hold herself up now on fully extended arms (a BIG accomplishment). Occasionally she gets up on her knees or pushes with her feet to skootch just a few centimeters (LOL). She's working on going from sitting in my lap to standing at the couch and from "short" kneeling to "high" kneeling. She used to have such trouble moving her arms. The weight of gravity was just so great for her. But her movements are getting much more smooth and fluid. It's a joy to see. And at mealtime she's REALLY working hard at picking up little pieces of food (not yet with the pincer grasp and she can't yet get it in her mouth, but she is soooo close!!!!). And the smiles and laughs just keep on flowing!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what a big girl. You need to get the laughs and giggles on video.