Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Weekend Round 3 Pictures

Just look at that smile!!!!!

Trying to keep her from attacking him! She was actually quite gentle with him, minus a few occasional whacks. Notice the size similarity. She's 2 1/2 years and he's 6 months! Little girl / big boy!


The monochromatic crew!

Beauties! My sis and MOB!

Wedding Weekend Round 2 Pictures

Cousins! (including the bride)


Pretty Sadie

Handsome Xander

Look at those flaming red cheeks!

Big smiles at her first wedding!

The only picture I have of the bride in her dress! It was too hard to snap pictures while chasing Chloe around!


My cousin Jonny and Xander.

Jonny loves his Chloe.

The Nanas. My mom and my Nana.

Great Nana, Sadie and Xander.

Chloe in her dress.

Chloe hugging another little Chloe.

The newlyweds, Anne and Matt!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Round 1 Pictures

All buckled in and ready to fly!

Kicking the seat in front of her! Grrrr. We finally got smart 1/2 way through the flight and had my mom switch seats with the woman in front of Chloe!

Ah, a few brief moments of peace!

Even the big kids caught a few zzzzz's.

Xander and the newest member of our family Max!

My adorable nephew Max. I'm in LOVE!

Flying home. She was wiped out.

Is this the most awful picture you've seen? She looks so beat up! Bloody nose from falling out of bed a few days earlier; dry, red cheeks; and if you look closely you can see the half eaten pretzel in her mouth, that once I realized was there had to scoop out of her mouth without waking her!

Back home and being silly!!!!