Thursday, June 25, 2009

The latest

Well, we're off to Chloe's sleep study tonight at the hospital. We'll be there from 7a-7p. We still haven't made a final decision on who will go with her - me or daddy. I had elected daddy, but now that it's tonight I think I want to be there with her!

PT today went quite well. As with all her therapists, she was quite impressed. She is pretty confident Chloe will need orthodics (aka braces) for her ankles and lower legs to assist with standing. Although she's been baring weight on her legs, she does lock her knees in place because they aren't strong enough to hold her. So she'll make a final decision next month.

Hearing seems to be better since the wax was cleaned out and her mucus seems to be diminishing. We'll go through with the hearing test, because she hasn't had one, but hopefully it will reveal that all is well. ;) We can hope. . .

She had another doc appt and weighed in at 15lbs 11oz. (up from about 15lbs 7.5oz last month). This is the time they slow down so he said she's still fine on her curve, but wanted us to add back in the 2 ounces we had taken out. I'm going to try rice milk mixed with rice cereal first to see if she'll gain enough on that. She looks great if you ask me. As long as we monitor her I think it should be fine. Not being able to "feed" your baby via the mouth just doesn't get any easier. I still long to give her a bottle instead of having to feed her through her g-tube. To hold her and snuggle her as she sucks on her bottle gazing into my eyes. I know, we have to make those moments happen anyway, but it's not quite the same as when you're nourishing your baby at the same time. And although I don't mind the tube feedings while she's asleep they are REALLY a pain when she's awake and active during the day.

Make sure you check out the picture below so you can see just how great she looks! It's amazing. I'm excited, but holding my breath at the same time. . . She's my little rock star!


  1. Good luck with the study! Let us know how it goes!!

  2. She does look fabulous!And I love your new hair cutes ... you guys look fabulous too!Good luck with the sleep study .. she'll do fine,it's one of you I'm worries about!