Saturday, June 13, 2009

Excitement for Daddy!

So last night while I was at a friend's house with the kids Stacey (aka "hubby" or "daddy") had a little Chloe drama. During intermission of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Stacey thought he'd go grab himself a snack. So when he went to lie Chloe down (who was sleeping) he realized he was all wet. Figuring she had leaked from her diaper, he lay her down to change her. When he opened her jammies he discovered her tube was out. Occasionally the extension tube comes unlocked and falls out and spills milk out all over. It's gradual and room tempurature so you often don't notice. So no big deal, just a mess, but at second glance he realized it wasn't the extention tube it was her WHOLE MIC-KEY g-tube!!!! It's the first time it's come out since the surgeon showed us how to replace it 3 months ago. So Stacey had to scramble around by himself trying to find the supplies to put it back in while her little hole straight into her stomach sat open. He was a mess by the time I got home! ;) He did great, in fact, but it was just the surprise of it all that caught him off guard. Better him then me. hee hee. I've had my fill lately! Alls well that end well! :)


  1. Great job daddy. Ray has helped me change it but I think he would panic if it got pulled out when he was alone.

  2. Yes, I was so proud! It came out again and he replaced it again with a new one this time!