Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rough Evening

Well, Chloe may we working on her first tooth. I can't find any evidence IN her mouth, aside from all the drooling. She also had a really tough patch last night of screaming, crying (choking and gagging) with a low grade temp that seemed to get worse when she sucked on her binkie and was soothed by a teething ring. So far so good today, and I haven't discounted her ears, but for now I think it's teeth... (By the way, I think her hearing has gotten better since the wax was cleaned out).

We ventured out for fireworks last night. The big kids enjoyed them, but Chloe, not so much! I think the poor financial crisis in this country led to more of the less expensive boomers, which meant LOTS of loud explosions in succession, which for Chloe was beyond terrifying. My husband huddled with her in the truck, but that didn't seem to help. And as if the 1/2 hour of dramatic crying earlier in the evening wasn't enough. Poor baby! Thankfully, she's fully recovered today!

We spent yesterday moving the big kids into their "new room" now that our friends have moved out. We've been setting up Chloe's room too. As of late the big kids have been sleeping with me in my room (in my bed) and my husband has been sleeping with Chloe in what WAS the big kids' room. But last night the big kids slept in their "new" beds, Stacey still slept with Chloe, but I got the big KING bed all to myself. Ahhhhh. It was sooooo nice. Next step is get back into the same bed as my husband. LOL I'll post pictures of the rooms when they're all done. :)

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  1. Downs kids get teeth in such a wierd way. Jax got some molars before his front teeth. Sounds like things are busy at your house.