Monday, June 29, 2009


I figured out a way so people could order Chloe bracelets through Pay Pal. They are $10 a piece and come in adult and child sizes (the adult sizes are big, so if you have a small wrist I recommend child size). To order, click the "chipin" button below and then when you get directed to paypal please send a message including how many, what size and your address. Here are some pics of the bracelets again. You should be able to click on them to make them larger.


  1. Darling bracelets ... I am selling Zoey's for the marathon but have yet to figure ot the paypal thing.Do you think you could email me and let me know how you did it.Thanks and hope that tooth shows soon and Chloe feels better soon!!

  2. Chloe is famous! :)
    Waht an amazing project your friend is involved in. Thanks for sharing this special video.

  3. Oops, I was trying to post a comment for my friend Anna who couldn't get her comment to post and I forgot to put her name. . .