Monday, August 17, 2009


Well, we're thoroughly enjoying our new pup Miles! He's such a delight! He comes from a family with children so he is very comfortable with our kids. We're still watching him like a hawk of course, until we get to know him, but all in all, things are going quite well.

Chloe's doing great. Enjoying being one. :) She likes watching Miles and getting kisses. She has started eating fresh banana and peaches in little chunks. I'm so excited! So she's still eating purees and now mushy food chunks. She's so cute when she's chewing it up. She gets this look on her face - a mix of bewilderment, concentration and pride. It's very cute and very funny.

An update on Zoey - thanks for the thoughts and prayers for our sweet friend who's test came back negative. :) We're still sending thoughts and prayers for her as she finds out what is going on and to sweet Jax who is always fighting a new battle of some sort. They are amazing kids!

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