Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chloe's First Birthday Bash Extravaganza!

Her pretty but GINORMOUS birthday cake!

The beautiful birthday girl. Happy Birthday angel.

The birthday girl with her friends! :)

Chloe's good friend Chelsea came to celebrate with her!

Chloe's really thinking "get this stupid thing off my head".

Happy First Birthday Baby! (Chloe with her dairy free, chocolate frosted cupcake that was in fact quite delicious!)

Chloe's not too happy after making a huge mess with her cupcake and getting it all over her face. She didn't get the idea of eating it. She just made a big mess.

Penny and Mo doing some art together. They really got "into" their project - literally - they decorated themselves! :)

The Ridge Hill gang.

Playing with her new Pound-a-Ball that she LOVES! She was demonstrating her new "bang bang" skill. Mommy and daddy were soooo pleased. Thanks Mo, Scott, Penny and Nathaniel. What a perfect gift!

Ha ha, I love that title. Just makes it sound so important! It WAS important. We had a great time and I wanted to post some pics. Hope you enjoyed them. We had about 30 adults and 30 kids! My husband kept saying "30 KIDS?!?!" The weather held out for us and we all had a great time. Especially the birthday girl! :)


  1. Hi Chloe, thanks for inviting Penelope to your party. She had a really fun time. And yes, Amy, we did have fun decorating each other. lol! So glad you liked your gift. Nathaniel helped me pick it out. He knows how to pick the good ones. Hope to see you soon, R U guys going to be at the buddy walk?

  2. What a great cake and beautiful dress. A great birthday celebration.