Friday, August 21, 2009

A Nice Surprise!

I left the room with Chloe moving around on her belly and returned a bit later to find her SITTING UP! It's the first time she went from her belly to sitting up all by herself!!!! I was soooo excited. I don't know HOW THE HECK she did it, but she did. I can't wait to tell her therapists. I was totally surprised!

Tomorrow's Chloe's big birthday bash. Don't ask me why I decided to take on the stress of a large party. And to make matters worse the weather is very questionable. Argh. Let's hope for a nice day so we can honor our special girl and all the people who have supported her over this past year. I can't believe she's one. She's still like such a baby. Birthdays with a medically complicated child who also has special needs are paradoxical. There's the feelings of elation and celebration regarding her success and, well, her LIFE. At the same time, there are feelings of loss (loss of her infancy) and frustration at how hard she has to work to do things younger babies are doing. . . there's also some period of re-living this year, which at times has been heartbreaking. But fortunately the feelings of joy and celebration dominate and I'm left with great pride in how far this amazing angel has come.

If you happen to be local and want to join us for a very casual BBQ in her honor please contact me through email for more information. :)


  1. What an awesome First Birthday milestone!!Chloe is a happy ,joyful little girl who has the world at her fingertips ... she is bursting and brimming with possibility!Sometimes when we re-live the difficult moments,it enables us to clearly recognize the miracle of these moments.Have an incredible celebration!

  2. Gosh...I feel like it has been forever since I have commented on your blog!! I have been good about reading it but on the road, I had a hard time typing comments and since I have been home, I am slowly catching up on everyone's blogs. Yay Chloe for sitting up on her own. Ella did the same thing to me. Only it was in her crib. I kept coming in and finding her sitting up. I thought that she must somehow be using the rails to pull herself up but I NEVER saw her do it. Finally, one day in the family room, she did it in front of us. I was so proud!! Even with all the therapies etc. I truly believe that they just figure stuff out on their own at their own pace...just like all the other kids. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and believe me, if I could show up at that BBQ, you know I would!!! I have no doubt that one of these days, I will be hitting the East Coast to see you, Stephanie and Emmia and Lori and Anna. Maybe we need to drvie the coast south as well so we can see little Miss Mattie too. Can't wait to see those bday pics!!