Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lots of Progress

Wow! Chloe has had a BUSY week with LOTS of good progress made! Monday she showed her OT how she has started to move forward on her belly in a commando type crawl. Soooo exciting. Then she showed her Speech and feeding therapist how far she's come in feeding. :) That afternoon at her 1 year old appt the doc told us she has grown a good bit in length! Wooo hooo. Tuesday she got her new AFO (AKA "orthotics" or leg braces). The are plastic and support her feet and the back of her lower leg. They go up to just below her knees. I'll post a picture soon. Wednesday she enjoyed some fresh air at the beach. When we got home she took a WHOLE ounce and 1/2 from a bottle! That's more thin liquids then she's EVER HAD in her whole life!!!! Thursday during PT she pulled herself to stand for the first time ALL BY HERSELF with her braces on!!! She is standing beautifully with them on. (pictures of that to come too). Just warms my heart! After that we joined my mom for lunch and sweet Chloe ate her first ALL SOLIDS meal - I mean NO purees!!!! She had carrots from my soup, banana, and kiwi. She did GREAT! And another ounce and 1/2 from the bottle when we got home. Then Friday she was back to impressing her other PT (physical therapist) with her commando crawling skills and her new standing skills! It's been a busy, exciting week.

On another note, Xander started school and loves his new teacher. He's very happy to be back and starting the 3rd grade. Sadie is still home for another 1/2 week returing to the same school, but new classroom next Thursday. Then the following Tuesday we start our program. To say we're busy is a little understating things. But at least it's all good stuff.

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  1. Wow! I am so impressed with Chloe too. And look at how happy she is standing up. You better watch out, she may start running off before you know it :)

    Really though, that is so awesome that she was trying all those foods. Keep up the great work Stacey and Amy!!