Monday, February 21, 2011


POOP! and MORE POOP! Yup, that's what we're dealing with here. LOTS of poop. Sorry to be so crude, but that's been my life since Chloe's eye surgery last Tuesday. Don't get me wrong, her recovery is going GREAT! But coincidentally she came down with an intestinal bug the same day. So she's been having 5-10 diarrhea's a day and has a nice bumpy rash all over her legs and arms, but has NOT had a fever and continues to eat, drink and most importantly, pee. The doc said he was "pleased" with her "story". Not of course that she's sick, but how well she's managing it. She's a trooper. Let's just hope it doesn't last the 2 weeks the doc said it could! I'm more then sick of changing diapers, clothes and doing laundry!!!!! It's exhausting, not to mention I'm feeling a little bit of cabin fever.

I'll try to post some pics and a more cheerful update soon. :)


  1. ugh, the worst part about lots of poop for us is the red irritated butt which makes wiping a nightmare...
    but glad to hear Chloe's a trooper!
    and really? the word poop isn't crude!

  2. Cabin fever... I can relate.

    Poor girl and poor sore bottom I am sure.I swear by the original Desitin.We used it throughout chemo and Zoey's bottom remained smooth and squeezable.Might be worth trying.

    Maybe she is reacting to something used during surgery.You know our children,so darn sensitive.

    Hoping she feels better soon and you are able to make an escape out of the house before long.

  3. I agree with Heather. I've never used the concoctions that the hospital puts together. I like good ole fashioned desitin!