Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adventures in Chloe

Not feeling very good. . .

But not bad enough not to smile! :)

So it's been a busy day in Chloe-land. She's had a stomach bug since Sunday and it continues on today. It's honestly not too bad, just very messy diapers. As they say in the commercial, "what happens in diapers should stay in diapers!" This has NOT been the case (ewwwww). So there's been lots of laundry for mama! She's otherwise fine - no fever, no vomiting and before today, her appetite's been fine.

I got the call for her surgery today. Next Tuesday, February 15th. It'll be at the surgery center at our local hospital. I spent the day getting all our ducks in a row, so let's hope her belly cooperates and heals in time for surgery!!!! We'll take some positive mojo, thoughts and prayers focused on her recovering in time for surgery.

As if our day wasn't busy enough, while I was on the phone making arrangements for her surgery Chloe fell down (not even doing one of her stunts, I actually think she just tripped and fell!!!!) and BIT her tongue. We're talking massive blood and a major chomp! I think I handle these things pretty well usually, but this had me pretty shaken. It was lots of blood and raw meat. (double ewwww)

So it's been quite a day in the Adventures of Chloe. Let's hope tomorrow is nice and quiet and the rest of the week continues on that way (quiet, NOT like today). Stay tuned. . .

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  1. Oh Amy-- never a dull moment!! Hope she gets over it soon. Sammy's home sick today, too-- cough/cold and a little wheezing. Sending well wishes for the surgery next week-- good luck!