Monday, February 7, 2011

Circus Stunts and Waiting (Not So) Patiently

So I thought I'd start out this post sharing you a little bit of Chloe's circus act! LOL Please ignore the incessant nagging of my son, and just for the record, we have since moved the table from behind the couch, thus thwarting her gymnastic-efforts. Someone suggested I enroll her in an official organized gymnastics class, at which point I chucked to myself! If you know anything about Chloe, you'll know she does things when SHE wants to do them. I can't even imagine her in an organized class. Ha ha! I might give it a try when she's a little bit older, but for now, she'll enjoying jumping and rolling on couch cushions!

Now for the serious stuff. No word on the eye surgery front. I did get a nice long message from the doc on Friday, saying, without saying, that he was frustrated with their decision and that he doesn't expect that she'll end up spending the night anyway. It was very aggravating to hear his frustration too, but it is what it is. Either way, I'll be happy to have it in the surgery center at the hospital because it's much closer to home and a place we are very familiar with. So I'll repost when we have a date. Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow (I expected to hear something today, but didn't ARGH). I need to get my supports in place! Wish us luck!!!! ;)

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  1. I know Arina would be doing that if she could get on the couch! Hoping the surgery can get scheduled soon. Its so frustrating when people are so stupid!