Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Circus Stunts and Surgery

First things first, Chloe's having minor eye surgery this Friday to repair strabismis in both eyes (turning in). The surgery will be some time between 8 and 8:30 and should last about 50 minutes. Recovery is expected to be fairly easy with about 2 hours of crankiness related to the anesthesia and then possibly some itching at the incision sites in her eyes that night, but generally she should be up and running around within 6 hours. We expect it to be an uneventful day, but welcome thoughts and prayers. I'll post an update as soon as I can.

Now on to Chloe's latest "circus stunts". As you can see from the picture below she likes to perch herself on the arm on the couch. What the picture doesn't show is her lunging off onto the couch!!!! And as impressive as this whole balancing/daredevil act may be, it's nothing compared to when she climbs over the back of the couch onto a wicker table, STANDS up and JUMPS off onto the couch!!!! Lord help me!

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  1. Wishing you luck and sending prayers your way for Friday (and for her ongoing circus antics that cause you agita!!)-- Sammy likes to do the couch climbing too. Hope you're staying cozy in your new home this winter!!
    Lots of Love,