Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time for a Facelift! And a good ol Chloe update.

Okay, so I finally figured out how to change up my blog. Rebecca had done a beautiful job on it. It was just time for a change. Besides, the picture of Chloe was awfully outdated. So I changed things around including the picture, but couldn't figure out how to put the picture in the title line without it being HUGE! If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know. I also need a new button, if anyone knows how to make them and could let me know, that would be great!

Chloe's little stoma nub is healing up. It's red either because it has a little leakage (and I mean a LITTLE) or because she plays with it. I can't tell if it's bothering her or just something new to fiddle with.

Chloe's also been having loose stools and diarrhea and it turns out her formula has been recalled because it has "bug particles" in it. Can you say NASTY????? They SAY it's not enough to be a health hazard, but could cause some digestive upset and cause the child not to want to eat. Soooo, what do ya think????? We're certainly not giving her anymore! And I'm calling the pedi tomorrow!

The pedi appointment went fine on Monday. She was of course full of zest and looked great, so the doc just had to trust me. I put in a call to her endocrinologist to see if it's possible that her thyroid is causing the fatigue, even though she's supposed to be regulated. I'm wondering if it could be the generic she's on. My endo doesn't like me taking a generic because they can vary so much. But still no word from her endocrine. Hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. I also want to know when her next blood draw is due because our pedi wants her annual cbc done. I want it done too. He doesn't think it's her heart, because she's not showing other symptoms, like sweating. It could be sleep apnea, but I think we'll hold off on a sleep study to get lab results first. If in a few weeks it's still going on then we'll probably pursue a sleep study.

I started letting my imagination get the worst of me today and really started to worry about the what-ifs. And with all the Ds kids out there fighting leukemia, I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I know I'm being paranoid and over-reacting and I never try to think about the what-if's but rather focus just on what we know now. I guess it all just got away from me today. All my worry just came crashing down around me. But don't worry, a nice warm shower, a tea party with my 5-year-old and some good ol' girlie nail painting brought me back to the here and now. I'm feeling better now.

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  1. your blog looks great, much easier to read than the purple...I love it!
    and I've always heard that all generics are great and a fine sub EXCEPT for thyroid meds, since the thyroid is so...finicky...I guess would be the word...