Friday, September 24, 2010

I May Have Spoke too Soon

Chloe's g-tube leaked a bunch yesterday so I MAY have spoken too soon about her not needing a surgery to close it. We knew there was a slim chance, but we were hopeful. Then yesterday when I went to change her diaper her bandage was SOAKED. Of course the surgeon is out of town and the nurse doesn't work in the office on Fridays so I have to wait until Monday to find out for sure what the plan is. Whatever the deal is we'll just go with the flow. Obviously we don't want surgery, but the good news is they can take care of the extra skin that grew around the site if she does need it to be closed. Either way, we know she'll be good. :)

Her cold seems better today. No fever. But she's having some diarrhea and not really eating (OF COURSE, because her g-tube is gone!!!!) But she's happy and playing and you'd never know by looking at her that she had a bug. Still feeling thankful today. . .

UPDATE: Spoke to on-call surgeon. We are scheduled for a pre-op appointment with Chloe's surgeon for Monday. Will keep you posted. . .

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