Monday, September 27, 2010

GREAT NEWS and Gut Feelings

We'll start with the GREAT NEWS (or potentially great news anyway). Chloe's g-tube site seemed to leak MORE after being cauterized last monday so I put in a call to surgery and we were scheduled for a pre-op appointment today. Well, yesterday and today it seems as if it actually closed up. There has been very little to no leaking. So they canceled our appointment and we get to watch it for a few days. My gut says this is it, that it's going to close and there will be no surgery. That's all good (make it GREAT) news.

Now for my other "gut feeling". Chloe just doesn't seem right. She's been tired for about 2-3 weeks now. Granted, she's had a cold for the last week, so she's been visibly TIRED and cranky, but before that even, she just hasn't seemed like her full energetic self. Now maybe I'm just being paranoid. Maybe it's just a growth spurt or something. But I can't help worrying that something else bigger is going on. Something that's wearing her down. We go in for a quick 15 minute appointment today with the doc. Hopefully he'll have some ideas. I want to get to the bottom of this. It's nothing startling, just this subtle sense that she's tiring out more then usual (and it's not in my imagination because her therapists and friends have commented on it as well). I'm sure we'll cover the gammat of possibilities - sleep disorder, thyroid, heart. . . not sure what else. I'll keep ya posted. . .

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