Thursday, September 9, 2010

PT progression

Chloe's been doing great with her PT lately. I've been very impressed with her standing (she stands up in the middle of the room for about 10 seconds) and walking with a push toy or holding hands. She's also been playing in squatting and practicing the exercises the PT gives her by setting up a stool all by herself and going from sitting to standing up against a wall and back to sitting again over and over. I couldn't wait to get her to PT today to show off her skills, knowing full well she probably wouldn't perform. I was pleasantly surprised however that she did MOST of her new budding skills for her PT. She was pleased! :)

Unfortunately her great work was a little over-shadowed by what we both noticed was a signficiant turning in of her left foot! Argh. First her right eye and now her left leg? She's going to be going in circles! LOL (okay, maybe that was inappropriate). We're going to watch it carefully over the next few weeks. PT thinks it's most likely muscle weakness as opposed to bone (good news), but she'll make a referral if she has any question. Chloe's never seen an orthopedist so now may just be the time.

On a side note, I think I get the dumb mother of the year award. Oh how I wish we had this on video! I managed to smash my chin on a table as I was diving into a my hiding place while playing hide-n-seek with my 5 year old, biting both insides of my cheeks and tongue, and jamming my whole jaw up into my head and ears. OUCH! I'm super sore, but okay! Thank goodness!


  1. yeah Chloe!! How awesome her new skillz are...
    and you want to talk dumb mommy...every week for a about 2 months I smashed one of my toes on a piece of furniture, so everytime one toenail would grow back I would smash one off..duh

  2. Hey, you have to find humor in what you can. I thought it was funny.
    Oh, and my dumb mom thing... Walking around my car at my hotel at Disneyland. Carrying my purse, oxygen tank, and keys. I looked up at the guy waving me over, and tripped over the cement parking block. I'm tellin ya, it was a Hollywood fall. Sprawled out on my face, everything in my arms scattered. It was horrifing!