Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the start of school for my 2 "big" kids. LOL. Who'd of ever thought I'd think of a Kindergartner as a "big" kid. But Sadie is and tomorrow she'll head off on her own on the bus to her new school. She is in afternoon Kindergarten so even though Xander is going to the same school (new to him since we just moved) he'll go on the bus in the morning and I'll have to put her on by herself in the afternoon. I've been having great anxiety about my little sunshine that often cried and/or screamed when it was time to go to Preschool. The thought of that taking place out on the street corner has been daunting. But alas, I have had an inner dialog with myself to convince myself that either a) that won't actually happen or b) if it does, it's not the end of the world and we'll all survive. So with that being said, I'm ready for tomorrow to come. To put my smiling, waving 5-year-old on the bus and bid her farewell (well, for 3 hours anyway) OR put her on the bus kicking and screaming with a smile and wave on MY face to reassure her that it will all be okay. Happy first days to all of those out there embarking on this new adventure. I feel your pain/joy. :) Cheers.

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  1. Is there someone that will take her if shes kicking and screaming? Like an aid on the bus. Hopefully she'll do great!