Saturday, July 25, 2009

Milk Protein Allergy Challenge

That sounds so exciting doesn't it? Said in a deep, loud booming voice..."The Milk Protein Allergy Challenge"!!! "Featuring. . . CHLOE MASON-MANN". haa haa. Okay, so we gave her yogurt tonight (or rather I gave her yogurt tonight) on the doctor's suggestion so we could "challenge" her milk allergy. Well, the poor baby threw up 5x, so I think it's pretty safe to say she does indeed have a milk protein allergy! She's sleeping comfortably now so hopefully the worst of it is over. There's always something right? ;)


  1. I guess thats an easy way to say she has the allergy. Not easy for her though.

  2. Oh no! Poor Chloe....I'm so sorry that she reacted that way! However, now you know & you def know to stay away from it;)