Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful New Blog

Check out my beautiful new blog! An amazing woman, Rebecca spiffed up my page for me and added a button. For you fellow bloggers, please feel free to add Chloe's button to your page. ;) Thanks soooooooo much to Rebecca. What a wonderful thing you did for me. I LOVE it.

We're off on our big trip to Cali! Wish us luck. I won't have my computer so I can't upload pics most likely, but hopefully I can check in occasionally from my sister's computer. We're so excited!!! My kids are sleeping in their own beds in their own room, Chloe is doing GREAT, and we're heading to California with my mother and step-father to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece Macy AND I'm actually feeling pretty darn good. . . dare I say it. . . "life is good". :D HUGS to EVERYONE for all your support through the down times. Hope you can enjoy the "up" with me too.


  1. The blog is beautiful, Rebecca does a great job,she did ours. I would be super happy if I was headed to Cali to. Have a great time!!

  2. Your new blog is beautiful. I love the purple. Have fun on vacation.