Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleep Study results

Well the results are IN. There's good news and bad news. The bad news is she still has apnea in deep sleep and will require continued use of the CPAP (including our trip to CA - argh). She'll go again for a repeat study in 6 months, so she's on the CPAP for at least another 6 months (overnight - not naps). The good news is although our insurance benefit for medical equipment has ALREADY RUN OUT with 6 months still to go in the year (that's obviously NOT the good news), we "rented to own" the CPAP machine so we own it now and won't have to pay a ridiculous monthly rental fee. Some more good news is that after the medical equipment benefit ran out and we found out we were going to have to pay $250/month for her suction machine (are you KIDDING me????) her docs determined that we could get rid of it because she doesn't seem to NEED it anymore anyway. So that's progress. I get a little nervous without it. Sort of like working without a net, but most likely she'll be fine. Her choking episodes seem to be farther apart now and less dramatic when they do happen. So either her airway opening is getting bigger or she's getting better/stronger at clearing it herself. Whatever it is, we'll take it! :) Happy days. Progress is good.

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