Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Rough Night

Chloe had another rough night last night. . . or maybe it's more accurate to say mommy and daddy had another rough night last night. I went to bed nice and early feeling the need to finally catch up on some needed sleep from the time change. Chloe's pump woke me at 11:30 so I turned it off and realized she was all wrapped up in her pump tubing. That was scary! Then I got up and left the room to get her meds ready. When I came back she was FACE DOWN on the mattress not moving! I ran over and flipped her over and she was of course fine! But throughout the night she kept trying to roll over and her skin was really cool so I was worried she would roll herself back in that position in an attempt to warm up. So I woke up everytime she rolled or moved which was a lot! She likes to bury her face when she's on her belly so I'm adament about not letting her sleep that way. I don't trust her to wake herself and move out of that position! It looked like she wasn't breathing. I was shaken for the rest of the night.

I've called the respiratory supply company and asked them to overnight the missing CPAP part to us. I don't think she should be off the machine any longer. I think it's starting to take a toll on her and we don't need to start going backwards. Hopefully tonight will go better.

CA update: Yesterday we had a great time at the SF Giants game even thought it was a lousy game. It was more the adventure of it all then the game itself. Today we are hanging out and taking it easy. We'll enjoy the sun and the pool, take in a flick (Ice Age 3) and then some dinner. Tomorrow we start sight-seeing again!

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