Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Wish Come True

Chloe was granted a VERY special wish.  A playscape to call her own that she could use independently and that would grow with her as she grows.  Thanks to the wonderful and generous contribution through her Nana’s employers’ “Self Improvement Fund” at LeClairRyan and the obviously thoughtful gift from Chloe’s Nana to use her fund in this way, Chloe and her siblings now have an adaptable playscape.  They LOVE it so much and can’t wait to share it with their friends.  Enjoy our journey in pictures below:
Step 1: Reading directions!!!!! (And we're talking books and books of directions!)
The BEFORE shot
The Boxes
Ready for her new playscape!
Keeping busy while she waits. . .
Ready to build!
Day 1
Trying out the toddler swing.
Trying out the slide
I think she likes it!!!!
ALL DONE!!!!  Thanks to the help from Justin and Greg and lots of little helpers!


  1. Oh wow! We've wanted to build something like this for the past two years. Yours is adorable.

    1. Do you mind me asking the name/ company of this set? I love how it has the little and big slide.

    2. It's from Cedarworks and although pricey the only company with a "step up system". She doesn't have to manage ladders and can be very independent on it. We love it!!!!!