Monday, August 13, 2012

The Birthday Post

What can I say on this special day to bring true meaning to it?  How can I express the joy of being able to celebrate this and each birthday with Chloe?  It was a rough start.  Times we doubted her future.  Now WHAT it would be, but THAT it would be.  So when each birthday comes I find myself highly emotional.  Almost giddy at times, at the sheer thought of her presence.  And as she reaches each annual milestone, not only is she a year older and further along, but she’s a year STRONGER.  And this girl has more zest than anyone I know.  And talk about personality!  I think anyone who is blessed to know someone with Down syndrome knows a little something about their strong-willed vibrant personalities.  (Clearly NOT to say people with Ds are all alike, quite the contrary, but they do have some very special traits that they share, I just happen to think their sparkling personalities is one of them!)  I don’t want to go on and on about how great I think Chloe is. . . obviously, I’m her mom!  And those of you that follow this blog most likely agree and love her too.  I just wanted to give a little insight into the wonders of this day that rolls around once a year.  A reminder, if you will, not only of what she has overcome, but what she holds in her grasps for the future.  I have NO DOUBT whoever she becomes I will be amazed time and time again along the way and I HOPE you’ll continue to enjoy this journey with us.

Happy 4th Birthday Ms. Chloe!
Love, your family and friends!

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