Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

First to my husband, Stacey.  I hope you got to enjoy your special day.  Your family LOVES YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!
Xander, Sadie and Chloe's gift to daddy.

Next, to my dad, I hope you have a wonderful father's day.  I love you very much.
Me and my dad on Cinco de Mayo

And Father's Day can't pass without thoughts of love and loss, for my step-father Sam and father-in-law Al. Both men played an important role in my life and my children's lives and I miss them dearly.
Bah-Pah with Sadie.

My step-dad Sam, AKA "Bah-Pah" by my kids

An old pic, but he was just so handsome!  We miss you Grandpa Al!

Lots of love in my heart and head for these men. 

Before we finish thought you might enjoy a little montage from our day at the RI Air Show yesterday.  Don't worry it's short and sweet. :)

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