Tuesday, February 7, 2012

IPad and Other Wonderful Things

I was initially going to title this post “A Hot Mess” and talk about what a mess I’ve been with a potential sleep disorder, depression and anxiety plaguing me, but honestly, who wants to hear about that?? I have so many good things to write about and I’ve been so bogged down with my own . . . shall we say “set-backs” that I haven’t been able to muster the time or energy to properly update all of Chloe’s progress and good news. So here it is. .

Back in December Chloe was awarded a grant for an IPad. She’s 3 years old and is still fairly “non-verbal”, communicating primarily with some signs and word approximations. But although she has around 100 different signs, she wasn’t really using them or her word approximations to communicate effectively. So coincidence or not, once she got her IPad her language and communication skills, including signing, started to explode. Maybe it’s the more time I (and her AWESOME nanny) specifically spend with her since we use it together, or that school just happened to “click” for her around the same time. . . whatever the case is, she got the IPad and her communication started to soar. It’s so wonderful to watch her playing with it and repeating back the various words and imitating sounds. She still has a LONG way to go and struggles with certain sounds/words (like “Rudy” our cat, or “Chloe”), but what a gift to see her pride in her accomplishments.

Believe it or not, the other wonderful thing Chloe’s got going on is her health. Wow, I never thought I’d find myself saying THAT!!!! She’s doing so great. Eye doc, endocrinologist (thyroid), and pedi have all given her clean bills of health! This includes an all-clear neck x-ray (there is the potential for a small percentage of kids with Ds to have weak necks that can put them at risk)! She was also negative for Celiac Disease! We’ve got her cardiology appointment coming up in April, which I completely expect to be nothing but excellent. And I think that covers it. I mean, minus of course, a few colds and tummy troubles, which she was able to fight all on her own.

Chloe had her first school play-date a few weekends ago. She was invited to a “typical peer’s” house (that always cracks me up. . . what the hell does that mean anyway???) for a wonderful afternoon. I stayed with her of course, but she had a blast. I had maybe one fleeting moment of thinking, gosh it would be so different if Chloe didn’t have Ds. . . but then I remembered that Chloe wouldn’t be Chloe and I love her for who she is! Even though she had the attention span of a flea, she clearly brought joy to her friend and her friend’s family. They were thoroughly enjoying her. Yes, I know we are lucky to have found such supportive friends, and I’m sure there will be days when we are faced with judgment, but for today, things are good.
I can’t end without an update on my other munchkins (haa haa, they’ll probably kill me for calling them that!!!!) Xander celebrated his 11th birthday last week. 11 years is so hard to believe. Doesn’t it go by so fast???? He’s such an amazing kid with a wonderful sense of humor and maturity about him that ironically gets him in trouble. He’s enjoying his first year of offense in hockey and adjusting to being a middle schooler (our district has a lower middle for 5th and 6th and an upper middle for 7th and 8th). He’s an amazing big brother to BOTH Chloe and Sadie, although of course they all have their moments. Xander’s also been struggling with headaches and nausea for about a month now, but we’re working on getting to the bottom of it. . . we THINK they might be “stress headaches”. Stay tuned. . .
As for Sadie. . . well what can one even say about her? She’s a true girl in every sense of the word. She loves make-up and clothes and shoes and pretend play. She wants to be a teacher and LOVES first grade. She isn’t interested in “signing up” for anything. She’s definitely a homebody and enjoys doing stuff here. She’s also a great sister, although she certainly saves all her “challenging behaviors” for us at home!

I think that covers it. You don’t want to hear about Stacey. . . he’s a “hot mess” too. LOL Summer can’t get here soon enough (Spring is his busy time so we’re waiting for SUMMER!) But all-in-all we’re holding our own.

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