Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ortho Visit

Chloe's orthopedic consult went great today. They took an x-ray of her hips and they look fine. Also, he did NOT see any leg length difference as his therapist thought. She does have internal tibial torsion (where the tibia bone, one of the lower leg bones, rotates in causing "in-toeing"). You can see it best when she's sitting in my lap with her knees straight on - her feet turn WAY in. My son had it and outgrew it no problem, but because Chloe has such lax joints and ligaments we'll watch it to make sure it doesn't negatively impact her walking and cause her to trip. The only correction for it is surgery, but at this point we're just going to watch it. We don't have to return for another few years. Yay! I couldn't handle another surgery right now. One thing at a time, please. ;)

Okay, Sadie's crying and Xander's yelling at her and my niece Macy is trying to negotiate LOL. Off I go. . .

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