Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Little Something Extra

It appears as though sweet Chloe might have a little complication from her surgery. As it looks now, we think her g-tube site is now infected. I've spoken to the on-call surgeon twice this weekend and although it's red and swollen, in the absence of fever, pain and/or discharge, he thinks it can wait until tomorrow to have her seen. Considering it's Sunday AND Halloween I'm trying to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER. Here's a pic of her site (sorry for the graffic nature of the picture). I'll post Halloween pics later. . .


  1. Thinking positive thoughts for you both! I hope you make it through tonight and that when you see the doctor tomorrow it isn't anything major!

  2. Ouchie...I hope the doc. is able to help get that cleared up soon. I think what she needs is a few pieces of candy from trick-or-treating (always makes me feel better) I know she got a lot being such a cute Super Girl =)