Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Wee Bit of Drama

So, Chloe was enjoying some nice naked time after her bath. She was sitting in her IKEA egg chair and I thought that would be the perfect time to hook up her extention tube to her Mic-Key button (AKA her g-tube) and give her her meds. Even though we don't use the tube for feedings I still use it to give her meds because she doesn't like them and I figure I'll use it while it's still there. Anywho, she doesn't like taking her meds no matter what, so she grabbed her extention tube and gave it a good ol' YANK! And "POP!" out came her g-tube. After yelling for my husband and realizing he was beyond earshot, I laid her down on the floor, held her in place with my foot (since her stomach contents were sloshing out as she moved and I needed, for my own sanity to keep her still!) and phished around for the right syringe so I could deflate her g-tube balloon and relace it in the hole. I got myself organized and calm and simply inserted it back in the hole. But wouldn't ya know it, out slurped some blood. I wiped it off and checked her tube for blood and didn't find anymore. I handed her over to daddy and after debating with my mom decided to call her surgeon just to be sure. She said that it is possible for the tract to bleed and that the story seemed to be a positive one, but that if she showed ANY signs of discomfort or change in behavior that we not hesitate from bringing her in to the ER. I think she's fine, but I can't help wondering if I punctured something when I stuck the tube back in. How terrible would I feel???? Let's hope she just irritated the tract when she RIPPED out her tube (or I irritated it when I put it in). Only time will tell. . . wish us luck!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am impressed that you stayed so calm! I'll think positive thoughts that it was just irritation!!!