Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving Day 1 and other Grand Accomplishments

Well, the long awaited day is finally here. Sort of, anyway. Since we bought the house back in April and have been renovating we've slowly moved stuff over to the house into the basement. My mom's stuff has also gone down there and will be going up into the house. So today we move the stuff up from the basement and tomorrow is the final BIG move of all our stuff from one house to the other. I'll try to post pics in a few days, but you can assume I'll be out of touch briefly. So much to do, like installing gates around the stairs and baby proofing the house (why do they call it that? It's really toddler proofing. . . anyway. . .)

So a quick Chloe update. She's been trying to stand from the bear crawl position and has discovered she gets LOTS of attention when she does it! So as you can imagine she does it a LOT. She's also practicing walking while holding onto my fingers. Once we're settled I'll be sure to snap some video to post. She also continues to do GRRRREAT with the bottle and hasn't used her tube for 1 MONTH TODAY. woot! She contiues to astound and amaze me.


  1. Wow,maybe you can lose that tube soon! Good luck with moving, I was just thinking we should start getting our house ready to put up for sale!

  2. yeah Chloe! That is so awesome! Good luck with the move, everytime we pack I lose random stuff! Hopefully you're a good organizer!!