Friday, August 13, 2010

Off to Maine

Well, even though we're not unpacked and settled into our new house, we are off for a week long family vacation in Maine. This is a bittersweet vacation for me. There's the obvious - going away before I've even had a chance to get adjusted to my new home, but then there's the other piece - going away to Maine for our annual family vacation for the first time without my step-father and "Bah-Pah" to the children. I am so excited to see my various siblings and their families. But I know there will be some emptiness there as well. We will all be missing him. But despite it all, he would want us to have a good time and enjoy ourselves in his honor, so that is what we have to do. And of course we get to return our Mainer to her birthplace - Chloe was born on vacation in Maine!!!! We had to drive over an hour in the pouring rain to get to the hospital and we were super worried about her heart defect, but all went without a hitch and we had an absolutely beautiful and wonderful experience. Yay Maine Medical Center! And don't worry, we're not leaving our house unattended. We have workers here all day long and a dog sitter here all night. Don't think/know if I'll have computer access so I may be signing off for the next week. Hope there is no drama out there in blog land. I'll be looking forward to catching up upon my return. Have a great, uneventful week. . .


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  2. Caught up in my own world and SO sorry I missed Chloe's Birthday.So very sorry friend.

    Wishing you a wonderful trip and sending peace during your sad moments.