Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving Day Pics

All loaded up and ready to move! I left ahead of the movers to get the kids out of the house so daddy could finish packing. We had a full car load - me, my cousin Jonny, the 3 kids, the dog and the cat!!!

Ready for the 20 minute drive to our new house!

Cousin Jonny, who by the way, ROCKS!

The moving truck getting loaded after we left.

Bye bye house. Bye bye Hamden. We love you and all our friends!

The PACKED truck at the new house! It was quite a feat getting the stuff down off the top!

Chloe NOT enjoying being trapped in the stroller.

The other truck! We had 2 loads that took 10 hours to load, move and unload. Phew! It was a long day!


  1. Right there with you on the complexities of moving!Just did it last month.Crazy.Don't want to do it again thank you very much!

    Chloe is looking big and darling as ever!Even stuck in a stroller!

  2. As excited as I am to move to Cali, I'm not looking forward to packing all of our crap!