Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my very own Angel

Today was a very special day. Chloe turned two today. I made a little montage of her day that includes a few of her newest accomplishments. I just missed her signing! Oh well. Hope you enjoy! But first. . .

Chloe at birth - 5lbs 11oz

Chloe, 1 year old, at her first birthday party.


  1. Okay....could I be a worse friend!! I missed Chloe's birthday. I am so behind on my blog reading and I hate that I missed it. So hopefully she will accept a belated Happy Birthday wish from me and Ella. Glad you guys are moved. I am dying for some new pics of the house. But enjoy your vacation...I am sure it is so needed after all the stress of moving. I know it will be hard without your step dad but you will have such a great time talking about your memories of him while you are all together!! I miss you guys!!

  2. By the way....Ella had that same dress that Chloe is wearing in her one year photo...Old Navy!!