Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chloe Houdini

It's been an interesting week so far in terms of Chloe and life with a child with special needs. First, Chloe Houdini has turned into quite the escape artist. She has managed to figure out how to climb out of her pack n play, which of course makes naptime and nighttime a wee bit more complicated. We have to get her to sleep before lying her down, which at home I often lie her down before she's asleep and then, even once she's asleep, we have to listen attentively to make sure we get there as soon as she stirs so we don't MISS her attempts at climbing out.

This new found skill brings me to the next interesting aspect of my week - thinking about my future with a child with special needs. Having had 2 children before Chloe I have realized that "this too shall pass" whenever I feel overwhelmed with a particular developmental time. Many parents with young children with Down syndrome feel that we're the lucky ones because we get to have our "babies" longer (or rather our children AS babies longer). This undoubtably, from my standpoint, is absolutely a benefit. My sweet little angel has taken longer to get through various developmental milestones and at 2 years is definitely more like a 1 year old in many ways. So I rejoice in getting to keep her younger a little longer. It's many parents' dream.

But there's another side to this "benefit" that includes getting "stuck" in the more difficult phases for longer periods. It can be overwhelming at times to think / feel that I won't get out of this particularly hard phase of development for a longer period and some aspects that I find difficult I'm not sure if we'll ever get out of (i.e., escaping). I need to feel some independance again. I know as a parent of 2 other children that this too shall pass. It's just been awhile and I'm starting to wonder WHEN???? I do also know as a 3rd time parent that what doesn't pass we learn techniques to deal with, but I guess I'm just not there yet. Guess I just need to remind myself!!! LOL

okay, time to return to the family gathering. More to come hopefully tomorrow about the conversation I had with my very bright 11-year-old niece about the "r-word". It was an inspiring conversation. She's quite an amazing little girl.


  1. I might be a weird parent, but I don't care when he does stuff developmentally. I guess its different with Jax because he is severely delayed. But I'm not worried about Makayla either. I don't care when she walks. I absolutely love having a baby forever though. Sheesh, we went through two baby carriers because Jax still fit in it when he was 3!

  2. It's not so much what she'll do in the future, but what she's doing NOW. I'm just having a hard time with her being into everything and only ready for the next developmental phase because of that. I don't think you're a weird parent. We love our children for who they are!