Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Pics!

Chloe Peacock
Beardsley Zoo - Bridgeport, CT

Xander and Sadie outside the prairie dog exhibit.

A beautiful peacock.

Chloe enjoying a snack! :)

Chloe looking at a beluga whale atMystic Aquarium.
She was waving frantically at it in the first picture!

Me and Chloe

Me, Chloe and Miles at our new house (oh yeah, I don't think I've posted about that yet! I'll post about that later!!!!)

Chloe at the new house in the backyard.

Happy girl.

Big brother Xander with some "flowers" for Chloe.

The 3 kids in the backyard of the new house.

Hugs for Xander.

Where's Chloe??? Her favorite game!

Enjoying a beautiful day with her big brother!

Xander and Sadie at Xander's first science fair! :)


  1. Your zoo looks a lot like ours! I love that pic of her examining that dandelion with such interest!

  2. thos were great, thanks for sharing. The kids are getting so big. I can't believe it has been almost a year since I saw you guys at Chloe's bday party. Hope to see you at Penny's party.