Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick House

Boy, that's almost putting it mildly. To make a long story short, it started Friday and ended. . . well. . . I hope tomorrow, with 3 kids and 3 adults all with the stomach bug. The 3 kids were all sick at the same time! YIKES. MOST of us are feeling better, so now it's just a matter of getting back to full strength. It'll come.

And through it all I couldn't get Sweet Ella Grace out of my mind. Wondering what it was like for her to be sick and how she was feeling. Was she feeling sick yet? What was her mom feeling? I couldn't help but think of them as I held sweet Sadie's hair back as she threw up for the ump-teenth time and cried "I just can't take it anymore". All the while as I comforted her, knowing that she'd be better in a day or two, I couldn't get Ella out of my mind. I want to wisk out there and make it all better. I want them to NOT be dealing with this. But I digress and these negative thoughts aren't helping anyone. It's time to turn on the positive mojo.

A few years back I started a tradition in my family where every night at dinner time we would think of different people who were having struggles in their lives, say their names and maybe even write their names on a candle, then we'd go around the table and tell jokes and laugh until we couldn't laugh anymore. That way while we were thinking of people our positive happy thoughts could span the universe and hopefully reach them. My kids still sit down at the table and say "Let's think of people and do jokes". I think it's time to sit back down at the table together, think of some special people who need some positive energy (like Sweet Ella, wonderful little Jax, and beautiful brave Zoey), and let our laughter heal.

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