Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proud Mama!!!

Okay, I need to brag about my big kids for a minute. Sorry no pics yet, I'm having troubles with my camera, but I DID take pictures tonight and can hopefully get some uploaded soon.

Anyway, Sadie was terrified tonight at her dance rehearsal and after being sick for 2 days and then getting thrown into a room with about 30 girls all running around it was just too much for my little 4-year-old. So I ended up sitting in with her while she watched the other girls practice their routine. Her teacher came up and invited her to join them for the last chance (no pressure, which I really appreciated), but she again declined and told me she was too scared. So I encouraged her (AKA bribed her with a toy) and she agreed to give it a try. I was sooooo proud of her in front of all those big girls, out there dancing with a smile on her face and her shoulders held high. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

Next up was Xander-man at the school's first science fair. He was the only 3rd grader to present and just shined standing there demonstrating her experiment to all his peers and their parents, as well as teachers and the principal. It was so awesome to watch him in action. He even volunteered to present at the end of the fair to the PTA meeting attendees. He exuded confidence and pride as he explained his process to onlookers. I was soooo proud I could barely contain myself.

okay, time to sign off. Chloe just had another vomiting spell. argh. . .


  1. Yeah kids! I need to do a bragging post about my two baseball players. Both teams are in first place, and Carters team is undefeated!

  2. So hope you are all feeling better.Me and the stomach bug ... I'd take pneumonia anyday over that!

    And do brag and do be proud because your children are wonderful and the prayers at the table and the laughter ... the end of that post made me cry.thank you my friend.