Saturday, December 5, 2009

Down in VA

Well, here we are down in VA for the weekend. It was a successful train ride down. We got GREAT seats at the end of the train with plenty of room for Chloe's stroller and for me to maneuver around for her tube feeding. (thank goodness for that!) She slept for a bit, but spent most of the time awake wanting to crawl around on the floor. We kept her up on the seat and gave her a small little area on the seat to play around on. All 3 kids did great though and I got some cute pictures that I can't wait to share.

Xander was adorable today driving around DC seeing the sights. "This is the best vacation of my life!" he exclaimed at one point. And after driving through the snowy streets of DC we spent some time in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Xander was totally in his glory today. My 92 year old Nana joined us, so it was a very special day for us. I got a cute picture of her holding Chloe's hand this morning. Like I said, I've got some great pics to post when I get home.

It's hard to travel with a kiddo with a g-tube. I forget about the demands of her schedule and routine when we're not at home. It's so hard to be out and about and get her feeds in. But we're doing the best we can and we'll be heading back on the train tomorrow so it's only a few days of discombobulation. I don't know how my friends with more complicated situations do it! I'm always impressed by them (you know who you are - wink wink). :)

We're thinking of dear Sweet Ella Grace and her family as they wait for test results. Say a prayer for them.


  1. Looking like things are on the rise for sweet Chloe.Hoping she and the rest of you remain healthy for the holidays.
    Yes traveling with g-tube can be a pain sometimes but other times,as I am bolus feeding 4 ounces in record time,way shorter then a bottle,the weird,twisted side of me says it's not all bad!!

    Anxiously awaiting Ella's results as well.

  2. I want to take my boys on the train so bad. They would love it.

  3. Thanks for the shout out for Ella. We hope to get some results on Tuesday when we go to the outpatient clinic for a follow up. How fun to be in Wash. D.C. I was there once in college with the volleyball team and we had 6 hours to see all the sights. But when you are in college...running from place to place was no big deal.