Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Lucky

A good friend of mine is fostering a sweet little girl who is eight months old and I was having one of those moments as she crawled circles around my 16-month-old Chloe. She easily pulls up to stand and gets around with such ease. I was looking at the little girl with a pang in my heart for Chloe, who struggles to stand and although gets around quite well, doesn't have the ease that typical children do. With some hestitation, I mentioned my feelings to my friend. "Chloe's the lucky one" she said. "She gets to be with her family who loves her very much and cares for her". So true. Chloe IS the lucky one. She may have troubles but she DOES have a family that loves her so very much and IS there with her every day. She has a family that would die for her and no one is here telling us we can't be together. I am so thankful to my friend for putting it back into perspective for me. I hope I will not waste another moment feeling sorry for Ms. Chloe, as she is amazing just the way she is and together our family is complete!

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  1. She is so amazing and you ALL are so blessed and lucky!!