Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Better

Chloe's cold / ear infection has gotten much MUCH better. She still has a nasty morning cough, but her eyes and nose have cleared up and she doesn't seem to be so bothered by her ear. Phew! ;)

Therapy is going well. She has started doing some "floor transitions" (going from belly to all fours to sitting) with her braces on. That's a HUGE step. She's only been using her braces for brief periods of standing , but now she can start to wear them more often and eventually when she can pull herself up, she'll wear them most of the day so she can walk. I know, slow down, she's got a WAYS to go before walking, but obviously that's the ultimate goal.

Her g-tube is leaking a lot lately and I think it might be time for a bigger size. We go to her pulmonologist tomorrow for a routine appt and I'm hoping surgery can squeeze her in too to look at her g-tube. A leaky g-tube is no fun. ewwww! I'm also scheduled to talk to a nutritionist on Thursday so we can make a plan to maybe, hopefully, someday start to wean her from the g-tube. I'm looking forward to working with her.

Well, Stacey and I are off to a Rangers hockey game tonight with the two older kids. We couldn't be MORE excited. Stacey (my hubby) said trying to sleep last night was like that Disney commercial - "I'm too excited to sleep!". It's Rangers/Penguins and Stacey is a huge Rangers fan and Xander is a huge Penguins fan. I'm a Rangers fan too, but not quite as big as Stacey. No matter what it's a night out with the kids so I'm thoroughly excited. :)


  1. I am desperately trying once again to catch up on everyone's blogs. I had been reading about Chloe being sick but didn't have a chance to comment until now. I am glad that she is feeling much better. Have fun at the Hockey game!!!

  2. Its always great to go out with your other kids. Life can be so consumed by our sick kids that the siblings get left out. Have fun.