Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank you

Well, it seems as though a blog of thanks is appropriate at this time. So here goes. my top 10 things I'm thankful for, in NO particular order. . .

I am thankful for. . .
*my blog friends who support me no matter what is going on
*my family (that is really about 20 thanks in and of itself, but for breivity sake, I thought I'd just sum it up into one)
*Chloe's health as of late
*my friends who still love me even though I've been an anti-social depressive lately
*all the "things" in my life that I am lucky enough to have
*despite our financial hardships still being able to put food on the table
*having a child with Down syndrome - I'm not thankful that Chloe has Down syndrome, but that I got to have a child with Down syndrome, because Chloe is very special, in part because of that extra chromosome. Does that make sense?
*the sun and beautiful days
*having the most perfect husband in the world for me. He makes me feel special and important and supports me in a way no one else could.
*all the special relationships in my life, in particular the relationships I have with my mother and my kids (for now anyway, I know in the next few years they will probably hate me LOL)

okay, that's 10. I could go on, but who wants to read about all the things I can think of to be thankful for! haa haa. I bet you if I sat down and put my mind to it, I'd come up with 100's. Ranging from life to the beach to snow to flowers to advances in medical technology. Maybe it would be a good activity for me to do. I could use some good positive thinking for myself! I invite you to join me and see how many you can come up with. I plan to print and post my in my bathroom to start my day with.

Love to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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