Friday, May 1, 2009

One of those days

So I had one of those days yesterday. One of those tough, yet likely pivotal days in our journey. . . or at least in MY journey. Chloe and I had a play date with a good friend who I actually shared Chloe's due date with! Her daughter arrived very early and Chloe just a little early, but in Maine while we were on vacation. Clearly both girls have a flare for drama!!! Anyway, her sweet little girl, one month older than Chloe, is just thriving in so many ways. It's the first time Chloe's been with a baby her age in awhile and it was very apparent to me all of a sudden all the things she's NOT doing. I spend my many hours and days focused on what she IS doing and celebrating all her new skills. But this day I was reminded of all she wasn't doing and all the things she struggles with (simple things like reaching for toys). It was hard. A hard day. . .

But then some time went by and I realized how wonderful it was for Chloe to be with this other baby who is her age and doing well. A baby who showed her to take a toy away from her. . . a baby who showed her how to shake a toy for the first time EVER. A baby who showed her it's fun to be a baby. I realize that the things that were hard for me were really just that - hard for ME. Although Chloe was a little overwhelmed she managed well and even learned some new skills. I hope she gets to have regular playdates with her little friend as they have so much to offer each other. It's exciting, thrilling even, to think of all the possibilities ahead of her and in the relationships she can form. I know she will touch so many lives as she has already, but so many lives will touch her as well. What a truly wonderful thing.


  1. I was so excited to see how stimulating the interaction was for both of them. I felt like Chloe had an awakening when she saw Matilda with one of her toys, and I cheered when she reached over to take it back. Let's do it again, when you're up for it.

  2. I so know how you feel, I do that a lot with Jax, and then I realized that all kids, downs or not, move at their own pace. But its still hard when we are told they will always be behind.

  3. Yes, Tammy, I soooo want to do it again. I'm hoping we can make it a regular thing. I think it's so good for our girls! They can learn so much from each other. :D

    Lacey, yes it is hard, no matter how many times we tell ourselves that all kids move at their own pace. I mean I KNOW that and appreciate that fully on a cognitive level, but emotionally it's a whole other thing. But truth is I love her just the way she is because it's part of WHO she is! HUGS to you and Jax. I hope he's starting to feel better!