Friday, May 1, 2009


Ah, the joys of spring. Psss! First I need to complain about why I HATE spring!!!! Spring is such a crazy time of year for my husband's work. He has mandatory 6 days a week work weeks from March til June and he works long hours - usually 12 hour days. And to top it off he is so busy with work that even when he is home he's not really home (mentally). I'm honestly happy that he gets so into the whole crazy spring season at work. I think that's cool for him. But I spend the day waiting for him to get home (okay, not the WHOLE day, but by the end I am SO ready for a break), but by the time he gets home it's meds and feeds and dinner and clean-up and bedtime and one of us with Chloe and the other with the big kids and before you know it's 11pm and I'm exhausted and fried and NOT ready to start and do it all over again the next day. Then Sunday is spent trying to get everything cleaned and organized for another crazy 6-day work week. Ya know what else I hate about spring? Allergies. . . warm, beautiful weather one day and COLD miserable weather the next. . . hmmm, I thought it would be a longer list. I guess it's really the work thing that's so tough and especially with Chloe being so complicated and since I can't get ANY financial assistance for anything I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

So how about what I LOVE about spring:

getting to sleep with the windows open all night long for the first time since last fall!, hearing the birds singing in the morning, waking up in the light of the morning, smelling fresh cut grass, children outside laughing, my kids being able to go out and play and run, flowers (EVERYWHERE!!!!!), the anniversary of Chloe's life (okay, yeah, that's the BIG one), warm warm weather, shedding clothes on those warm days (me and the kids!), natural Vitamin D, cheerful people, SUNSHINE, new life, driving with the windows down and the wind in my hair, grilling out, outdoor playdates and exercise, energy, fresh smells, warm rain (NOT cold rain - yuk), ice cream, outdoor festivals, change in wardrobe, LONG bright days, bugs (I know, that's a weird one). . . I could go on and on. . . my last favorite thing about spring is knowing that summer is almost here. Soon my husband will be done with his crazy schedule, the weather will be warm and beautiful and I will hopefully feel like a somewhat normal person again.

I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with spring. How about you?

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