Tuesday, May 19, 2009


That's no nap for ME! LOL I made it through a whole day without having to take a nap! Woooo hoooo!!! That is a huge accomplishment for me! I know most of you are probably thinking "who the heck has time for a nap? You're lucky if you were getting to take a nap!" But let me tell you, it wasn't a good thing. For a week I've been taking 1-3 naps a day. I haven't been able to do much of anything but meet the basic needs of my children and then sleep. (Hence the no blogging or updates). I've also been having belly troubles, so I think I may have had some virus or I was just having some sort of emotional break down, but I prefer to go with the first option. ;) It IS finally sunny too which is certainly helping.

Speaking of naps, Ms. Chloe on the other hand, took a whopping 4 hour nap today! Of course the one day I could have napped all day with Chloe I finally didn't need a nap. That's the way it goes. . . It DID allow me to get some things done and feel a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt in a few weeks now!

Chloe's really doing great. Getting pictures up is going to take me til at least next week since this week needs to be devoted to our tag sale. Talk about a LOT of work. Can't say I'll be rushing to do this again! We've gotten so many wonderful donations, but that means so much sorting and tagging. . . not to mention some stuff needs to be cleaned or made ready for sale. Okay, enough about the sale - back to Chloe. She is AMAZING right now. She's healthy and rebuilding her strength and finally surpassing where she was before she got sick. She's sitting unassisted now for longer periods, although she still can't catch herself once she starts to lose her balance. She's also bearing more weight in her shoulders and pushing up on her arms when she's on her belly. She has learned to shake toys and pull toys with BOTH her hands at the same time (HUGE for her). And in the past few days she has started bearing weight in her legs!!!!!! (AKA "standing" hee hee). I hold her, but before she wouldn't even put her legs down. She's laughing more and more and really starting to "play" with us. We feel VERY lucky. My pediatrician called for something with my son today and said "I feel so out of touch with you". It has been weeks since he's heard anything from me! Do you think he misses me? LOL

Thanks for everyone's patience. It's good to be back! :)

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  1. I bet your ped does miss you. Mine will call me if she hasn't heard from me in a while because we usually talk once a week. By the way, Chloes blankie should be there anyday now.