Thursday, May 21, 2009

A GREAT day sandwiched in the middle

Well, her morning started out TERRIBLE with the whole blue tongue incident (see post All Good Things below) and ended almost as bad. But boy, let me tell you, she couldn't have had a better day in between! She was as happy as I've ever seen her today. All full of life and joy and just pure pleasure! She did GREAT at her Physical Therapy appointment and just completely impressed her therapist with her new skills. She ate and napped and laughed and just had a really super day. She didn't even complain when she had some granulation tissue cauterized at the hospital (that's tissue that grows out of her g-tube hole - it's her body trying to heal the hole). Nothing like a little near-death experience this morning to put life in perspective I guess. She certainly seemed to be enjoying life for all it was worth today. And she brightened up my day like no other.

Unfortunately the day didn't end on such a high note. We were on her bed laughing and having a grand ol' time when suddenly she started shaking. I thought "what the ???!!!" For a split second I even thought she might be having a seizure. But then the tears came and I realized she was in pain. She was shaking from pain!!! I tried to soothe her but she was clearly in pain. She cried like that for a few minutes and then just fell asleep. It was horrible. Stacey (my hub) said he has seen her wake like that and he thinks it's gas pains. I don't know WHAT it is, but I didn't like it, that's for sure! There was definitely something wrong for her to cry like that.

Wrapping up on a brighter note, yesterday we received our Jaxson's Blanket for Babes blanket from fellow blogger Lacey (Jax's mom)!!! Here's a picture of Chloe napping with her sweet, beautiful blanket. Lacey and friends make these special blankets for kiddos with life threatening illnesses. It came at such a perfect time and really warmed my heart. Here's the link to her blog with stories about kids who have already gotten blankets where you can learn more about it or send in a donation so other kids can get blankets too. Check it out!

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  1. YAY for the blankie..she looks so beautiful in it! UGH, I'm so sorry that poor Chloe had that episode, HOW SCARRY!!! You're such a great Mother Amy...she's very lucky to have you...{{HUGS}}