Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Good Things. . .

must come to end. Well, we had a REALLY long strength with NO incidents for Ms. Chloe so I am really pleased with that. She had one of her infamous choking, not breathing, blue-tongue episodes this morning. She just started throwing up and it was thick and mucusy and she just couldn't move it. Stacey was there this time which was so good because FINALLY someone OTHER THEN ME was there to witness what it's like. The stiff body and look of absolute terror in her eyes, the flailing and lack of sound coming from her, the BLUE tongue. And it just seems to go on forever. But she recovered (and far quicker then we did) and we suctioned out some gunk and she's doing much better now. She did have another much more minor episode shortly after that, that I wouldn't even really count and a BUNCH of spitting up for another hour or so. But now she's sleeping and soon we'll be off to therapy. Let's hope this was a just a bad morning and not the start of a new cold and a new pattern. At least now we have the right suction equipment! Thank goodness she's such a strong little fighter!


  1. Is it just mucous or is she throwing up? Does she have a nissen? It sounds like she needs one if she doesn't. Poor baby.

  2. It's mucus AND throwing up. I think she was throwing up BECAUSE of the mucus, but hard to say because she continued to vomit for about 30-45 minutes after the incident. She doesn't have a Nissen. We've been trying to avoid it. She does have GERD and a Nissen is on the table, but it's something we're all trying to avoid, because for the most part her reflux is manageable. This hasn't happened in quite some time. We'll see.