Saturday, April 25, 2009

More drama

The drama continued today with more choking, gagging and vomiting mucus this morning, but we got through it and had a fairly good day. We didn't get to enjoy the weather other than having the windows open because Xander was doubled up with stomach pain from 11am to 5pm!!!! I talked to the pedi and we agreed it was probably a constipation issue so I gave him some Miralax. He did start feeling better, so hopefully that'll be the worst of it.

We're watching our feeding instruction video from Chloe's feeding specialist. All I can say is "oops". Guess I've been doing a few things wrong! Oh well, we'll start doing it right tomorrow. ;)


  1. Hi there, its nice to meet you and your little angel. I got two blankie requests, one from you and one from Dillons mommy, she is so sweet. I will get working on that for her. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

  2. Nice to meet you too! I've been reading about Jax and think of him often and you often! You're one of my inspirations! So thank you for that! :)