Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Rough Day

It was another rough day in the Mason-Mann household. Chloe had a great night, but that meant all her mucus and gunk settled through the night and when morning came and she woke up she really struggled to get it all cleared out. She continued to have really bad reflux with coughing and gagging and choking off and on from about 8:30am until 10:15am. One episode included a several minute period of choking and gagging which eventually led to a dark purple tongue (and panic) and a near 9-1-1 call. But after several LONG seconds, she cleared it and her color returned to normal. This was her third but most serious episode of the morning. I had already suctioned her earlier because I could tell it was going to be one of those mornings! I was pretty shaken afterward and had to talk myself down from calling the pediatrician! I knew she was fine at that point and there was nothing he'd be able to do and I needed to resist calling and interrupting him from his current patient just so I could be reassured. Poor Xander was there with me and scared right along side of me. Like I said, it wasn't her first episode of the morning so we were already on pins and needles. Uh, what a start to the day!!!!

We went to therapy anyway so that I could have her PT work on her high chair for positioning. Xander came along since he was home with strep (he was on his second day of antibiotics and doing fine). He enjoyed "helping" me today "being Chloe's nurse". It was cute. Chloe got a break from therapy which was good because she was just too wiped out. She coughed most of the day continuing into this evening. She had a tough early evening with lots of coughing, but no serious episodes (she seems to save those for me!)

This afternoon I returned home to deal with the insurance company. We started the appeal process for the 12 hours (we get 8, I want 12 because I feel we NEED it - they say 8 is 'medically necessary' but 12 is not even though she has to WATCHED continuously for those 12, especially when she's sick!!!) and they told me it will take 30 days!!! Well, we'll be out of our nursing care benefit by then. ARGH! We're appealing anyway, but it's not looking too promising. Damn insurance jerks! That's a post for another day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Happy healthy thoughts. . .

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